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We're excited to announce that summer 2022 registration is open for 25 camps throughout 6 States!   17 camps for QBs only (grades 7-12), 5 camps to include receivers, and 3 youth camps (grades 4-6) 

We can't wait to return in year 33, as the place you go to get better.    Every facet of the QB and WR position will be addressed, in detail, with maximum reps and intense, caring coaching.   You will leave a better player and a better person.

Explore this site for details on camp, philosophy, inclusions, past campers, and more.      SEE YOU THIS SUMMER!

  • 2022 Jeff Trickey Camp Locations - NOW AVAILABLE
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Waukesha Strong

Waukesha is where we call home, where we started this camp 32 years ago, with places and people we care deeply about.   Coach Trickey had his first head coaching job at South HS, with the Blackshirt Band filling game nights with music and excitement and Blackshirt Pride.   We are shocked and saddened by the tragedy on Sunday night, our hearts are with all of those affected, and all of the witnesses.    

In the midst of the chaos comes the human response - as Monday morning came, we started to hear accounts of people showing up with courage and compassion.   In the immediate moments, rushing to help, to comfort, responding instinctually to another in need.  And in the hours and days now unfolding  - human expressions of caring and kindness, support.   Compassion in action. 

It is heartbreaking to meet tragedy like this.    And it is beautiful see to the human response - people drawing closer to help heal, in whatever way they can.    So much heart on display now - always our response to violence and others in need - friend, family or stranger.   

We're reminded again how much we need each other.   We're moved to look for ways to help - whether through organized fund-raising, offering time, reaching out to others, just being there for someone, or just being more aware of how we can show kindness and compassion wherever we are.  

Here are a few links to support that JTQB is donating to, there are many ways to give and help, in your own ways, wherever you call home.    Thinking of you guys as we head into this holiday season - leaders and role models.   Here's another reminder of how precious and fragile life is, and how much we need you to set examples of caring, kindness, and resilience.    ...if you were told you had 10 minutes left...

Take care of yourselves and each other.   JTQB

Summer 2021 - A Remarkable Run


On behalf of the entire staff at the JTQB Camps, we want to congratulate you, and wish you the best this fall.    Words cannot describe the experience this summer - with over 1,000 athletes from 20 states showing up, and getting to work - with respect, focus, trust, kindness, and joy.     Thank you for your belief in this program, and for allowing us to help you on your journey as QBs, WRs and young men.   Stay connected during the season through our Insta and Twitter pages.   

Have fun, do your best, raise others up - and never take for granted the gifts you've been given.   


2022 schedule NOW AVAILABLE!

Make Every Day a Great Day!   JTQB









  • Matt Hasselbeck, NFL Quarterback and NFL Analyst "Coach Trickey directed my quarterback/receiver camps for three years. I would be hard-pressed to find a coach more passionate and knowledgeable about the quarterback position. His love for coaching coupled with his life messages will leave a lasting impression on any player fortunate to have an opportunity to learn from him."
  • Mike LaFleur, Offensive Coordinator New York Jets "Coach Trickey and his staff skip no steps. They teach the QB position from the ground up. From leadership training to upper and lower body mechanics, there is no better QB camp for a beginner to learn the position or a talented high schooler to improve his game."
  • Dave Keel, Wisconsin HOF Coach (Homestead HS) "Quarterbacks learn both the physical skills necessary to excel but even more important they learn incredible leadership techniques every team needs to be be the best."
  • Steve Rux, Wisconsin HOF Coach (Waukesha West HS) "Over the Years Waukesha West Quarterbacks have not only been technically sound but have also been leaders for our football teams due to their work with Coach Trickey. He is the best teacher of young men that I know."
  • Terrence Burkett, parent "My son has been working with coach Trickey and his team for the past three years as he aspires to be a high school quarterback. The skill sets they have worked together to develop on the field have been most helpful. The area where I think Coach Trickey has a special gift is teaching athletes how to be complete human beings; How to interact with teammates and coaches, how to represent their families, teams, schools and communities with pride and dignity."
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Jeff Trickey QB Technique/Leadership Camps

"Accept The  Risk Of Leadership"

  • Led by nationally recognized and hall of fame quarterback coach Jeff Trickey, and staff of current and former college quarterbacks and receivers, since 1989, one of the most respected quarterback and receiver development programs in the country.  

  • 2-day camps for QBs only, 3-day advanced camps for QBs AND RECEIVERS, and 1-day camps for youth QB and receivers (grades 4-6) .

  • Intense, detail-orientated instruction delivered with expertise, passion and individual attention.

  • From the D-1 recruit, to the freshman just beginning his journey - we are a camp where you go to GET BETTER.  Develop your game, your character, and your potential as a leader.

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