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2-Day Quarterback Camp (Grades 7-12)

$269 /athlete  

This two day experience is designed for the focused athlete preparing to play one of  the most demanding positions in sports.   From the D-1 recruit to the younger QBs beginning their journey, we pride ourselves as a teaching camp, with attention to detail.   Maximum high-quality repetition, classroom breakdowns, video assessment of every camper, reading coverage, and execution of:  passing mechanics, drops, shot-gun, spread run/read/option, throwing on the run, and more. 

We will develop the physical, mental, and emotional skill sets needed to play quarterback.  Each athlete receives quality, high-energy instruction in one on one and small group settings.  All athletes are grouped according to age and ability levels to ensure maximum progression.  Each athlete's abilities and responsibility to understand and embrace his leadership skills will be discussed during motivational sessions.



3-Day Advanced QB-Receiver Camps (Grades 9-12)

$459/athlete and $50 discount for attending camp with teammates from the same school:

2 athletes:  $409 each

3 athletes or more: $359 each

*Any QB or WR can attend on their own and get 3 days of elite position instruction - but we strongly encourage taking advantage of the opportunity to attend with and work with your teammates, with 1, 2 or 3 WRs attending with their QBs


This camp is for those quarterbacks and receivers who are ready to take their game to the next level, and have the desire to play in college.  This three-day camp is modeled after a typical college-level install of basic and universal route concepts, reinforces all basic skill sets for both quarterback and receiver, and emphasizes application to game-like, college-level reading and attacking.   Expert coaches are employed for both quarterback and receiver.    

RECEIVERS will engage with intense, personal instruction on stance, release, stem, top-of-route, catch mechanics, site-adjustments, coverage recognition and attack, working apart from QBs for half of the camp, and combining for routes and 7 on 7 work.  

Highlights of DAY 1:

  • INTENSE reinforcement of QB and Receiver skills (positions are separate for technique work - and come together to throw routes).
  • Discussion and drill of universal 2-3 man route concepts (QB/WR combined).

Highlights of DAY 2:

  • Advanced drills and skills, reading and attacking coverages for QB and WR.
  • Breakdown of video tape on each athlete.
  • Classroom work on defensive recognition.
  • Game-like situations with 7 on 7 vs defense. *defensive secondaries (Varsity and College athletes) are hired to provide game-like looks for our campers.

Highlights of DAY 3:

  • Lecture and Q & A session on college recruitment process, and maximizing your proactive recruitment ability for athletes and parents.
  • Lecture and Q & A on QB and Receiver diet, weight room, and dynamic/explosive, position-specific training ideas.
  • More advanced/college level concepts including:   RPO's, hot reads, specialty throws, etc.  

1-day QB/Receiver Youth Camp


This 1-day, 3-hour experience is for athletes entering grades 4-6.   We will address basic skill-sets for both positions, throw basic route concepts, introduce defensive awareness and basic coverages, and incorporate games that reinforce great technique while having fun.   Small group and 1 on 1 instruction will help lay the foundation for our younger campers, setting them up for success.    Messages about being a leader, a great teammate, student, and son are shared.


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